Corporate law

Throughout the year our Law Firm works on any issues relating to corporate law and drafts any legal documents in the following fields:

  Creation (choice of type of business entity and analysis of tax and employment regime applicable to equity partners and managers);
  Relations between equity partners (organization of governance, shareholders’ agreement);
  Annual approval of corporate financial statements;
  Company activity (any amendments to articles of association, transformation, etc.);
  Corporate groups (handling acquisitions of stakes, drafting intra-group agreements, etc.);
  End of the company (inactivity, dissolution, liquidation).

All of these services are performed working alongside the range of players involved in the company activity (i.e., managers, works councils, chartered accountants and auditors).

Our law firm follows corporate law for SA, SAS, SARL, SCI, SNC, SCM, SEML, SPL, SISA and SCIC.